Welcome to my world

If you are here, it is most likely because you have met me personally and feel obligated to check out my website because I forced my business card on you OR you found my world through YouTube and have popped over for a visit from there.

Either way, I am just tickled that you're here and super excited to show you around!

This website is all about the things I do when I am not working

Graphic Design

Professionally trained with many years of experience, my Graphic Design Services include WordPress website design and training, social media management and website maintenance.

Arts, Crafts & Jewelry

I like to keep busy in my spare time so I've started crafting and am now making art and jewelry.

Interested in seeing what is available? Click here!

Not seeing what you want? I do custom work too! Email me today!

THRIVE LIFE: Freeze Dried Food

I love to cook, but I hate to prep. I love to save money and I hate when food goes to waste. I want to be prepared if SHTF and I want you to be prepared too.

Learn more or purchase THRIVE LIFE Freeze Dried Foods!

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