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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. They are your off-site administrative professional.

Every small business owner knows there are some tasks better left to other people. It's not lack of desire or an unwillingness, you just know it's not the best use of your time and talents. You plug away at these chores, sometimes skipping them entirely if you think you can get away with it, and dream about more time to focus on your craft.

You need someone to take these jobs off your plate so you can spend your time doing what you love, but hiring an employee is expensive! Especially when you start to consider extra taxes and CPP and EI and training costs and turnover costs and minimum hours. Do you need all those added expenses?

This is where a Virtual Assistant starts to come in handy.

Whether you need help with  web design, web maintenance, social media, graphic design, logos, business cards and stationery, flyers, brochures, newsletters, blogs, charts, graphs, presentations, or even just document formatting, this Virtual Assistant will work according to your needs and your budget.

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