Hello. My name is Lorrie

I am a Multipreneur! There! I've said it now! Out loud and to all of you!

I am not a one-trick pony.

I do not just do one thing. I am good at, and love doing many, many things, including sharing my story with you.

This is not because I'm scattered and unfocused, rather it is because I thrive when I have multiple projects on the go and I am at my best when my work allows me to use several of my talents, not just one of them.

During the day, I work from home as a Communications Coordinator for my clients; the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association (LRCA) and Travel-for-All. For these wonderful organizations, I create content for their websites and for their preferred social media platforms.

In the evenings, I spend my time learning new skills and creating beautiful works of art and fun crafts.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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