About me

Hello. My name is Lorrie

I am a Multipreneur! There! I've said it now! Out loud and to all of you!

I am not a one-trick pony.

I do not just do one thing. I am good at, and love doing many, many things, including sharing my story with you.

This is not because I'm scattered and unfocused, rather it is because I thrive when I have multiple projects on the go and I am at my best when my work allows me to use several of my talents, not just one of them.

During the day, I work from home as an Online Communications Coordinator for my clients; the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association (LRCA) and Travel-for-All. For these wonderful organizations, I create content for their websites and for their preferred social media platforms.

When not working, I spend my time studying God's word, learning new skills, creating beautiful works of art, experimenting in the kitchen, growing in the garden, and creating content for my YouTube Channel.

Welcome to my world!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Graphic Design

It was 1995 when I discovered computers and graphic design. I quickly fell in love and started dreaming about someday working from home providing Graphic Design services for other people. Fast forward 26 years, thanks to God's Grace, here I am; providing graphic design services for other people from my home office.

While not currently seeking new clients, I can occasionally make room for an extra project so if you have a need for my design services, please contact me today!

Check out my Techy Tuesdays on YouTube

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