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Moving Again

Moving again

I cannot believe it's already the middle of May. It seems like just yesterday I was telling you about my work-at-home job and helping out at The Salvation Army.

To my credit; we have been a little busy with moving again. I know, I's only been a year, and I promised we wouldn't be moving again anytime soon, but the house we nabbed on our brief visit last year turned out to be not as suitable as we'd hoped.

Thankfully, it was a much simpler move this time. No border crossings and the actual 'move' was completed in one day. Now the house is pretty much put together, and we are settling in for what we hope will be a long, long time!

Our new location has a lot more of what we need; lots of room for a Dave Cave, tons of storage, easy access to harbour-front walking paths, close to a boat launch, and room for a nice little garden.

It's not perfect of course. It's an older 'character' home with all the fun that goes along with that. Worst of all, the renters before us were total pigs who used the backyard as their personal dump. Our new landlord better be loving all the free sweat equity he's getting out of us.