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What happens next?

People keep asking me what I'm going to do once we get to Nanaimo. I think they believe I am completely insane at worst or just a little off at best.  Seriously, who quits their job without a backup job in place and decides to move their family to another country? Those people who think I'm crazy could be right, but I have to believe I'm on this path for a reason.

This year, God in all his wisdom, put me into a situation that grew more intolerable every day. Changes in my job, yes...the teaching job I loved so much a year ago... were sucking the life out of me, slowly at first, then more rapidly as time increased. I don't think God is out to punish me, so there had to be another reason. Maybe He thought I would react differently, but He knows me better than anyone, so He had to know what would happen.

While I don't advocate quitting your job without a new job to go to, don't ever stay somewhere if you are truly miserable. I don't mean in an "I've had a horrible week" kind of way. I mean in a many months of soul-sucking, "I can't bear to drag my ass out of bed because I have to face my own personal hell again!" kind of way. If you feel like that about your job, for more than a couple months, it is time to GET OUT! Sometimes it's not a choice, it's a necessity.

Luckily, I do have a back-up plan. This move is not unanticipated. Dave and I have talked about moving back to Canada for years. Last summer, we toured the area we're moving into so we could get a feel for the place and see if we'd like it. We do, and Mom is excited about it too! Nanaimo is a growing city of about 84,000 people. It's in a beautiful harbor on the east coast of Vancouver Island, and though the weather is familiar, it's supposed to be a bit drier and a little more sheltered.

As for what I'll do once I get there...I'm not entirely sure yet, but it feels wonderful to have options. I have mad skills! I know how to think and I know how to work. I will be an excellent asset for somebody eventually, but I want to take the time to find the right spot. I didn't go back to school for six years so I could take the first job that comes along.

Of course, I have to work, so I'm in touch with a few temp agencies, and I'm looking for part-time work; something flexible that will allow me to network and assess the need for the types of freelance services I can offer.  Since I don't have a preferred 'industry' yet, temp work will allow me test the waters as I search for a long-term position well-suited to my variety of tastes and talents.

I am also seriously considering going back into business for myself. I loved owning my own company and setting my own hours, and I love the flexibility entrepreneurship provides. I'll need to do some serious analysis once I get to Nanaimo to determine the feasibility, but this is also a serious option.

I guess time will tell  - God has something planned for me, I'm just along for the ride...