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Fundamentals of Software Architecture

Next Generation Music System Vision Statement

Next Generation Music is still operating under practices devised by the last generation. Their software system is twenty years old, and their main revenue stream, traditional CD sales, is outdated and ineffective in today’s marketplace. Continuing with only their current methods for obtaining revenue will eventually ruin the company. If Next Generation Music wants to be a successful part of this generation, they will need to step up their performance by incorporating avenues for digital media delivery and online sales while improving the functionality of their traditional methods. Upgrading the software systems is an essential step in ensuring Next Generation Music’s’ continued success.

People shop online. That is a fact in today’s world, and this fact opens a completely new avenue for marketing and selling a product. An upgrade to Next Generation Music’s software will utilize this market by allowing for searchable and downloadable digital files, while also allowing for hard copy purchases of more traditional mediums. Clients could purchase and download individual songs or entire albums depending on their needs. For those seeking a more traditional medium, CDs could also be purchased through the website. Other avenues of sales available through the website could include searchable/printable song sheets and lyrics, or historical music paraphernalia and instruments. As an added feature, favorites can be remembered to provide personalized recommendations for future purchases.

As with any software upgrade, several considerations and quality perspectives will need to be addressed. These include:

  • A site that is attractive regardless of musical preference
  • A site that is easy to use
  • A site that is accessible by all clients regardless of personal limitations
  • Security to protect client’s sensitive information.
  • Security to protect downloadable media.
  • Secure data storage
  • Efficient, easy to use search capabilities.

Several different views must also be considered. Stakeholder views are paramount and must be considered first. Without stakeholders, there is no project, so this is crucial to the success of the project. What exactly do the stakeholders want, and what is the best way to give it to them? It will also be important to look at the project from a security perspective. For example, what risks, and considerations need to be addressed, what technologies will be utilized, and will stakeholders need to be informed of hardware/software limitations or technology usage?

With a new software upgrade, Next Generation Music would be in a perfect position to utilize the latest technologies in their effort to capture a larger market share in the competitive music industry. Without this all-important upgrade, Next Generation Music is doomed for failure as other companies take to the internet to service this vital industry requirement. Success or failure, the choice is up to you.