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Wreaths for All Occasions

Getting a creativity fix!

My kind of stress relief.

Sometimes, dealing with stress can be hard. We all have those moments when things; our jobs, our home life, our relationships, get to be too much for us to deal with. My life is no exception.

For over 30 years, I dealt with my stress by smoking. Of course, when I was finally able to quit smoking, I needed to find new ways to deal with my stress.

Thank Heaven for YouTube and crafting! They truly have saved me from myself.

I started out with making jewelry, moved on to crocheting scarves to donate when it got cold, learned how to make fabulous soap and skin care products, then branched out into miniature fairy homes and furniture, and here and there in between, I make wreaths. I've sold a couple, but most have been given as gifts or donated to a worthy cause.

Are you dealing with stress of your own and looking for more effective tools to use when you feel stressed out? Or maybe you just like the idea of making beautiful things yourself. Crafting has been a great help for me, and could be for you too!

Want to learn how to make your own decor or see something you like? It might still be available! I'm also happy to custom make something for you at a very reasonable cost. Get in touch for more info!