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Teaching Profession

In my world

Effectiveness in the classroom means learning a new lesson every day. I only have one year of classroom experience, and no prior educational training, so I often struggle with finding meaningful ways to interact with my students. In examining my experiences for effective teaching practices, I hope to discover ways to make my efficacy more consistent. Looking at my professional development activities will help me find ways to improve my classroom development.

Classroom Effectiveness

The most effective element for me in the classroom is to be prepared with a complete lesson plan before the day begins. This includes having the lesson on paper for easy understanding, preparing a lecture on what I expect from the students to complete the assignment, and a timetable for project completion. I also find it helps if I’ve gone through the steps outlined in the project plan to anticipate any questions or problems.

This is effective because it provides a framework for all of us to follow, and provides the students with the guidance they need to complete the project successfully. A complete lesson plan also means that everyone knows the start and finish point of the project. When we’re all on the same page, the lesson goes smoothly, and in my books, that’s effective.

We have recently introduced a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) system at the school where I work, and I am finding it to be quite effective in the classroom. PBIS works because it looks at the reasons behind negative behavior while rewarding good behavior. It allows students to examine their own purpose and understand the motivation driving their negative behavioral patterns.

Professional Development Activities

I’m afraid there are not many professional development opportunities available at my school. We have no mentorship program, and each teacher is responsible for his or her own professional development. For my part, I read everything I can about classroom management, discipline, and lesson planning. I try to make time every week to talk with teachers more experienced than myself and look to them for guidance and support. My biggest professional development activity thus far has been to enroll at Grand Canyon University (GCU) for my master’s degree in Secondary Education. It is my hope that my classes here at GCU will provide me with a solid educational framework that will help me become more effective in the classroom.


Effectiveness in the classroom is essential. If I am not effective, my students are not learning, and nobody is gaining the skills they need to move forward. Professional development has become an important aspect for me as a teacher and learning at GCU will help me become more professional and more effective in the classroom.