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What’s your Dream Job?

Is Microsoft Right for You?

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect job? I have. In fact, the dream of the perfect job is what propelled me to return to school after a twenty-year absence. Although I am only a freshman, and I have years before I will graduate, I think now is a great time to start planning for my future. Microsoft is at the top of the long list of companies that I am interested in working for, and I think this first evaluation is an important stepping-stone on my path to a fulfilling career. I am sure that other evaluations will follow because I am looking for specific attributes in my dream job. If I want to be successful, it is important for me to determine if a company will suit my needs.

The first, and most important, criteria for my future dream job is a challenging, creative work place. I know from experience that if my work is not challenging, I will soon become bored with it.  Eventually, I will search elsewhere to find a position that will fulfill my creative nature, and satisfy my passionate need for a challenging, goal-driven career. Microsoft has paved the way in computer software innovation, and barring an enforced breakdown of the company; they are likely to continue leading the way. According to Conrad Warre at the Microsoft Career Explorer Website, the reasons to work at Microsoft are “To be challenged by the best minds in the industry. To have access to the newest technology and ideas. And to capitalize on limitless opportunities for career growth. (Warre).” That kind of environment sounds wonderfully challenging to me, and I think a position with Microsoft would be exciting enough to suit my tastes.

I would not want to work for a company that did not treat me with respect, and did not value my contributions. It is important to me that the company I work for treats their employees better than average. At Microsoft, employees are, “the source of our energy’, and these employees are compensated very nicely. Employees at Microsoft have a full benefits plan that includes not only health and dental care, but eye care, life insurance, and disability as well. Paid maternity and paternity leave, adoption assistance, day care, paid vacations, and employee assistance plans are some of the other ways in which Microsoft rewards their employees. Microsoft does not stop with a great compensation package; they empower their employees by creating an atmosphere where everyone has the tools they need in order to succeed (Benefits at Microsoft/Our Benefits). Overall, it sounds like a fine arrangement.

Other important considerations when searching for a career are ethical responsibility and philanthropy. In my opinion, the way a company behaves in public says a lot about the way they behave in private. I would like to work for a company that is socially involved with the betterment of the community. For the past twenty years, Microsoft has formed a variety of community partnerships, and they work with these non-profit organizations to make technology skills available to people who would not have access otherwise. In fact, according to their website, “Last year alone, Microsoft contributed more than US$40 million in cash and US$224 million in software to nearly 5,000 nonprofit organizations. (Everyone Has Potential)” Of course, good works alone do not create a stellar company, and there has been some question about Microsoft’s ethical behavior. While I do not necessarily agree with the rulings in the famous Microsoft lawsuit, I do agree that this is something that bears watching. If I ever came to the point where I thought the people at Microsoft felt that they could only succeed by stomping on the competition, I would need to look elsewhere for the career of my dreams.

While Microsoft may seem like a perfect fit for me in the career department, some negative aspects need some serious thought. Considering the exceptional compensation and benefits package, I could expect that Microsoft would demand that I give 100% every day. If I am not willing, or able, to work at peak performance everyday, perhaps I should look elsewhere. Last, but not least, there is the weather to consider. It rains an awful lot in the Redmond area, and anyone working at Microsoft headquarters would need to be prepared for that. I already have webbed feet from living on the Oregon coast, so the weather will be no surprise to me, and will not get in the way of my quest for success, but people from a drier climate will want to seriously consider the weather before moving to Redmond, Washington.

Overall, I think Microsoft will be a great fit for me. They show a respect for people that I admire, they offer an exciting and challenging work environment, and they give out free ice cream.  What more could I ask for?